Old Time Slow Jam


Next Session

Our next session is on Sunday 16 June 2024 from 6pm. We'll be starting in the key of A.  

We will be at The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB: a 7 minute walk from King's Cross mainline station.

We look forward to seeing you then!



You have found the home page of the Old Time Slow Jam, a regular get together for people interested in Old Time American folk music who like to play at a steady pace. Players and listeners all welcome!


Please check out our upcoming sessions, and if you’re interested come along!


You may have found this site by mistake and wondering what is Old Time and what’s a Slow Jam? Old Time is a form of American folk music. The main instruments are fiddle, banjo (generally played clawhammer style) and guitar. The addition of double bass is also common. Other instruments can also blend in well with this style of music.  We are always happy to welcome players of mandolin, ukulele, autoharp, and percussion such as spoons, bones, jaw harp etc,

Speed is not of the essence, it's the playing together that counts!


For more experienced players, the Old Time Folk Jam, formerly at the Shakespeare’s Head, has sessions at the Prince of Wales Feathers near Warren Street tube station. For further details please email inform07@yahoo.com


Our sincere thanks to The Cock Tavern, and previously to the Prince of Wales Feathers, for being such wonderful hosts. 


If you'd like to join the mailing list to keep up-to-date with session dates, please get in touch at: oldtimeslowjam@gmail.com  

We try to keep emails to a minimum as we know constant bombardment can be very irritating.